1820s -1850s

Clash of Cultures & the Discovery of Gold

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  • Displaced Persons

    At the end of World War II Europe was home to between 11 and 20 million displaced persons who had been forced from their homelands for political or religious reasons. Displaced persons could be found in Germany, Austria, and Italy. A substantial number of these were Jewish survivors of the Holocaust. Learn More

    Displaced Persons
  • Japanese Americans

    For three years during World War II, tens of thousands of innocent Japanese men, women, and children of Japanese descent were removed from the West Coast and sent to live in internment camps in the nation's interior. Two-thirds of them were U.S. citizens. Their only crime was their ancestry. How did this happen? Learn More

    Japanese Americans
  • Taiwanese

    Taiwan is part of the Republic of China, which was established in 1949 when mainland China came under Communist rule. Taiwan absorbed over a million immigrants from the mainland, many of whom were political refugees from the People’s Republic of China. Learn More