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How to Create a Story

  1. Step 1

    Fill in Your Information

    Name your story and fill out all the information fields-these are important if you want your story to be posted on the site.

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  2. Step 2

    Add an Image or Video

    To add a photo of yourself, click INSERT YOUR PHOTO and follow the instructions in the dialogue box.

    Your photo must be 182 pixels wide by 182 pixels tall or it will not display properly.

    You can insert a video by using the video tools on YouTube (http://www.YouTube.com). Once you have uploaded your video to YouTube, you can use the INSERT VIDEO feature in the Story Builder to include the "Embed" HTML code from YouTube. This way, you can show the video right in your story.

    Create story - step 2 image
  3. Step 3

    Tell Your Story and Submit

    Type your story into the text field. Select PREVIEW YOUR STORY to see what your story looks like before you submit it. The SAVE YOUR STORY button lets you save your text and image and return to edit them later.

    Please note, if you want to include images in your story, they must be less than 700 pixels wide.

    There is a 1000 word limit on story size.

    When you are happy with your story, submit it for review by clicking SUBMIT YOUR STORY. You'll get an email telling you we've received your story.

    The We Are California editors will review your story. If it meets the site standards, we'll post it!

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Tell Your Story